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Viivi Eskelinen

My name is Viivi Eskelinen, and I am currently working as a doctoral candidate in social psychology at the University of Helsinki. My doctoral dissertation is devoted to the cross-cultural comparison of the role of religiosity and threat perceptions in intergroup relations among national majorities in Finland, Germany, Norway, Italy, and Australia. It taps on the interplay of religious and national identities on attitudes towards religious minorities such as Muslims in Europe.

My background is strongly rooted in Social Sciences. I did my bachelors’ in Psychology at the Unversity of Kent in the UK, and my masters’ in a multidisciplinary research masters’ on migration-related topics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

This will be my first year on ETMU as a Board member. Next to ETMU, I volunteer at SYLVA, giving peer support to children and young adults with cancer. In my spare time, I like to dance, read, and knit but also binge-watch some show on Netflix from time to time.