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Ilkhom Khalimzoda

Ilkhom Khalimzoda works as a doctoral researcher in the Department of Language and Communication Studies at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. His main research interests are migration, acculturation, media, and intercultural communication. He has published articles focusing on acculturation, communication, perceived threat, and populism. His dissertation deals with the acculturation process and media engagement of Russian speakers in Latvia and Finland.

His lectures on Russian media models as well as populism in Russian media sphere can be found in MOOC, University of Helsinki, Finland. Ilkhom has also given guest lectures at the University of Latvia on interpersonal communication challenges, at the RISEBA University on theory and practice in communication, at the Valmiera University of applied Sciences on implications of theories, and at the University of Jyvaskyla on media landscapes, Russian diaspora, and quantitative methods. He has been part of several panels and given conference presentations at more than ten universities.

Ilkhom and his work has been featured by media organizations, such as Yle, Keskisuomalainen, Latvian Radio 4, and he has contributed to the European Journalism Observatory,,,, and

Currently, Khalimzoda holds several positions of trust. These include: Research fellow at the European Centre for Populism Studies (ECPS), Member of Monitoring Group (2021–2023), for the Centre of Excellence in Integration, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland, and head of the Finnish Intercultural Community (SKY). He is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Intercultural Communication (JICC).

As a member of the board at The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU), Ilkhom is mainly responsible for the membership matters.

To see the latest by Ilkhom Khalimzoda, please check his homepage.