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Teemu Pauha

My name is Teemu Pauha and I work as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. My academic background is in both psychology and the study of religions, and I identify myself first and foremost as a social psychologist of religion.

I have done research, for example, on the religious and national identities of young Finnish Muslims, role of religion in intergroup relations, recent mosque project in Helsinki, and apostasy from Islam. Besides doing research, I am also working as a clinical psychologist in a child psychiatric clinic. On my little free time, I enjoy reading and practicing martial arts. I also maintain a personal blog,, which is dedicated to introducing up-to-date research in the psychology of religion.

This is my fifth year in the Board of ETMU. My primary role on the Board is to serve as the Membership Administrator, keeping track of members and membership fees. So please contact me (teemu.pauha[at] if you need to update your membership information or check the status of your fees.