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Mailing lists

ETMU has two e-mailing lists: a list for ETMU members (etmu-jasenet[at] and a general list for messages in both Finnish and English (etmu-lista[at] While the first list is used for communicating about current matters to ETMU members, the general list is open for everyone who is interested in the topics of ETMU and willing to follow the netiquette (see below). If the netiquette is not followed, the subscriber can be removed.

You can subscribe to the list by sending an e-mail to the list administrator Viivi Eskelinen (viivi.eskelinen[at] Please mention the name of the list your request concerns in your e-mail. Remember to also keep the list administrator informed about your up-to-date e-mail address in order to receive messages. Please avoid sending attachments.

Please view our privacy policy.


ETMU netiquette


Subscribing to, and unsubscribing and removal from the list

1. Etmu-lista is used for discussion and communication of research, publications, and events in the field of ethnic relations and international migration.
2. The list has a large amount of followers, including researchers and other people working with issues related to migration or otherwise interested in such issues. Take this into account when sending your messages.
3. The list is open, but you subscribe to it by sending an e-mail to the administrator.
4. Keep the subscription notification for later use: you may need it for unsubscribing. If your e-mail address changes, please, contact the administrator.
5. If a subscriber continuously breaks the rules listed in this netiquette, the ETMU board can decide to ban him/her from sending messages on the list. In such cases, the ban will be in effect for 12 months, after which the subscriber can ask for the ban to be released.

Use of the lists

1. Use informative titles. If you send information about an event, please, mention the place of the event in the subject field.
2. Write concisely.
3. Avoid attachment files and use links instead, or copy-paste the text straight into the message field.

Privacy and ethical guidelines

1. All comments must adhere to good manners and decent language.
2. Racist and offensive messages are not allowed.
3. Comments cannot be targeted at individual people.
4. It is not allowed to quote messages sent to the lists without the permission from the sender of the message in question (except in cases where the permission to spread the message is explicitly given, e.g., invitations to events).
5. If you feel that someone is not following this etiquette in one of the lists, please, contact directly him/her or the list administrator.