Anyone who wants to promote the Society’s purpose and who accepts the Society’s rules may become a member of the Society. Membership is granted by the Board of Directors on the basis of an application for membership. It may take two months, at most, for official acceptance, depending on how often Board Meetings are held. A member may terminate membership in the Society by sending in an announcement and his or her membership can be terminated if he or she acts contrary to the rules of the Society or if membership dues have lapsed for two years.

Membership applications and announcements on membership termination are to be sent to the Society’s membership administrator, Teemu Pauha (teemu.pauha[at], by e-mail. You can also use the electronic form at our homepage for your application. Membership applications are then discussed in the Board of Director’s next meeting and the results are announced to the applicants primarily by e-mail.

Applicant members: Please include the following information in your membership application

E-mail address
Telephone number
Background information (include if applicable)
Education and degree
Reasons for being interested in becoming a member
Would you like to join the Society’s mailing list

  • The Finnish list (yes/no)
  • The English list (yes/no)

Do you allow your personal information to be publicly available in the Society’s expert register (work in progress)(yes/no)

Current members: The register of members and the members’ contact info has been updated

The Etmu’s membership register was updated in the beginning of March 2015. Those former members who had not settled their membership fees since 2013 were removed from the register. In case you have a reason to suspect you have been removed by a mistake, please contact Etmu’s membership administrator.

At the same time the members’ e-mail addresses were also checked, and some deficiencies were found. Please, keep the membership administrator informed about your current contact information, particularly your e-mail address.

In the case you receive Etmu’s membership mail although you are not a member any more, please contact the administrator.

Etmu’s membership adminstrator 2016:

Teemu Pauha


The accepted member should also pay the membership dues into the Society’s account:

  • 572302-2222553 (OP-bank)
    IBAN: FI8957230220222553
    BIC-code: OKOYFIHH
    (write in your own name as the payment message)

Membership fees

  • Members 30 €
  • Student members (graduate studies), unemployed, pensioners 20 €
  • Supporting members 50 €