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As member of ETMU, you can participate in the ETMU’s annual conference for a reduced price.  You can join membership activities, such as visits ETMU organizes to ministries, NGOs, and other institutions working in the field of ethnic relations and international migration. Information about the membership activities is distributed on ETMU members’ email list. As a member of ETMU, you also support the publishing of the high quality Nordic Journal of Migration Research, as well as the Liikkeessä yli rajojen -blog, which brings researchers’ perspectives on migration and ethnic relations into the public debate.

ETMU is an active scientific society that follows closely legislative processes related to its field, strives to influence policy-making and public discussions e.g. by writing statements and participating in campaigns, organizes events geared to the academic or the general public, grants the annual ETMU Award in recognition of a major contribution to the promotion of ethnic relations in Finland, and gives researchers from different disciplines a forum where they can connect and cooperate. As a member, you support all these activities.


Anyone who wants to promote the Society’s purpose and who accepts the Society’s rules may become a member of the Society. Membership is granted by the Board on the basis of an application for membership. It may take two months, at most, for official acceptance, depending on how often Board meetings are held. A member may terminate membership in the Society by sending a notification to the membership administrator. Membership can be terminated if a member acts contrary to the rules of the Society or if membership fees have not been paid in two consecutive years.

Please send the membership application and notification of membership termination to the Society’s membership administrator Ilkhom Khalimzoda (ilkhom.i.khalimzoda[at] You can also use the electronic form to apply for membership. The applications are discussed in the next Board meeting and the result of the application is announced to the applicant by e-mail.

Please view our privacy policy.

Please include the following information in your membership application:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Background information (include if applicable)
  • Education and degree
  • Workplace
  • Reasons for being interested in becoming a member
  • Would you like to join the Society’s mailing list? (yes/no)

Current members: The member register and maintenance of members’ contact info

The ETMU’s membership register is updated annually. In case you have a reason to suspect that you have been removed by a mistake, please contact the membership administrator.

Please, keep the membership administrator informed about your current contact information, particularly your e-mail address.

In the case you receive ETMU’s membership mail although you are no longer a member, please contact the administrator.

ETMU’s membership administrator in 2018:

  • Ilkhom Khalimzoda (ilkhom.i.khalimzoda[at]

The accepted member should pay the membership fee in the Society’s account:

  • IBAN: FI89 5723 0220 2225 53
  • BIC-code: OKOYFIHH
  • (write in your own name as the payment message)

Membership fees

  • Members 30 €
  • Student members (graduate studies); also people who are unemployed, on sick or parental leave, and pensioners 20 €
  • Supporting members 50 €