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Emma Nortio

My name is Emma Nortio. I am a social psychologist, PhD researcher, and the editor-in-chief of ETMU’s “Liikkeessä yli rajojen” blog.

In my PhD, I study the discourse of multiculturalism in Finland. I focus on the ways in which “lay people” (as opposed to, for example, researchers or politicians) discuss multiculturalism and how arguments for and against it can be used to negotiate citizenship, identities, and the relations between majority and minority Finns.

I am also involved in a “Puhekupla” project in which social scientists and artists work together to create and study dialogue in relation to immigration. Working as a part of the editorial board of “Liikkessä yli rajojen” blog has been a great way to learn to popularize science and get to know the broad and interesting field of Finnish migration research. If you are not familiar with the blog yet, go check it out!