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Elina Turjanmaa

My name is Elina Turjanmaa and I am a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki. I am a social psychologist whose research interests relate to family dynamics, adolescence, and integration after migration.

I started in ETMU’s Board in 2013 – the same year I begun with my doctoral thesis. That makes already quite many years within the same research project and the same board, but some years have been more active than the others both in research and ETMU’s Board-wise. This year is my second as ETMU’s treasurer. Last year I also shared the editor-in-chief positions in ETMU’s blog “Liikkeessä yli rajojen” with Emma Nortio. In other words, being a member in ETMU’s Board has taught me lately a lot about popularizing science and bookkeeping.

Besides being an ETMU Board member and a PhD student, I am also into soccer, beer, Russian literature, and empirical as well as kitchen psychology based analyses on social relations.