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Privacy Policy

This description of file is compliant with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) Section 10 and the European General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679)

Controller of the personal data file

Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration ETMU

Business identity code (y-tunnus): 1936509-3

Persons processing personal data

ETMU maintains a membership register and two email lists: etmu-jasenet[at], which is used for communication with members, and etmu-lista[at], which is an email list open to everyone interested in ETMU’s research field.

The membership administrator is Ilkhom Khalimzoda (ilkhom.i.khalimzoda[at] and the email list administrator is Viivi Eskelinen (viivi.eskelinen[at]

Purpose of the processing of personal data  

Individuals who have been approved as members of ETMU by the ETMU board are included in the membership register. They are also subscribers of the members’ email list.

In accordance with the Finnish Associations Act (503/1989), the purpose for the processing of personal data is the management of the membership register for communication purposes and membership fee invoicing.

In addition, ETMU maintains the general email list (etmu-lista[at] which can be joined by contacting the email list administrator (see above). The purpose of the email list is to disseminate information about research, publications, and events related to ETMU’s research field.

Contents of the personal data file

The membership register contains information that the individual approved as a member has personally given to ETMU. The following information is collected when a person joins ETMU:

  • first name and surname (mandatory information)
  • email address for communication and invoicing (mandatory information)
  • address and phone number (voluntary information)
  • education, degree, and occupation (voluntary information)
  • reason for applying for membership in ETMU (voluntary information)

In addition, the membership register includes information about the status of membership fees (paid/unpaid).

The general email list contains only the subscribers’ email addresses.

Storage period of personal data

Personal data is stored in the membership register until the person withdraws their membership or does not pay their membership fee in two consecutive years. After the membership ends, the person’s information is removed from the membership register. The archives of ETMU contain information about the names of the approved members.

The subscription to the email list is valid until the individual unsubscribes from the email list. This can be done by contacting the email list administrator (see above).

Regular sources of data

All of the data contained in the personal data file has been obtained from the individuals registered as members. The data is collected by an electronic form or an email sent to the membership administrator. The members have the possibility to update their information by contacting the membership administrator. The register contains only information given by the member to ETMU.

Regular transfer of personal data to third parties or transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

Personal information shall not be transferred to third parties or for commercial purposes. Information shall not be transferred outside the EU/EEA.

Use of cookies

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Principles of protecting personal data       

In the network SSL technology is used to protect personal data.

The individuals who have the right to use the membership register include ETMU’s membership administrator, chairperson, and treasurer. The email list administrator has the right to use the email lists. These persons are bound by confidentiality. All personal data is stored securely.

The membership register does not contain sensitive information as per the Personal Data Act.

Automated decision-making

Automated individual decision-making (EU General Data Protection Regulation, article 22) shall not be made.

Right of access

Individuals are entitled to inspect their data stored in the membership register. Inspection requests shall be made in writing (letter or email) to the membership or email list administrator.

Registered individuals have the right to demand a correction of personal data. The person who maintains the membership register shall make the correction in collaboration with the party who gave the incorrect information. The request for correction shall be made in writing (letter or email) to the representative of the controller of the personal data file (see above).