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Finnish migration scholars in solidarity with human rights protests in Iran

The Finnish Academic community has followed the developments in Iran with growing concern and worry. As migration scholars we know, some of us from personal experience, how devastating it is for a diaspora community when the situation in your home country is as horrifying as it currently is for so many Iranians. We stand in support and solidarity with scholars and students both in Finland and in Iran who support human rights. We as a research community support the academic freedom and human rights of all students and academics, irrespective of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race or religion. We condemn the violent treatment, imprisonment and killing of those who have been protesting the death of Mahsa Zhina Amini.

To all Iranian students and researchers in Iran, in Finland and around the world: we stand with you and support you in your protests, in your outrage, in your sorrow and in your willingness to speak out on behalf of human rights. We hope that your academic communities, may this be universities, research units, student organizations, or your colleagues, offer their support to you and to all students, staff, alumni and the wider community affected by the widespread protests unfolding in Iran. We see the fears and concerns of academics from Iran who have family and friends in the country. Migration scholars in Finland are concerned for the safety and security of women in Iran and for the human rights of Iranian citizens, and we urge all Finnish academic communities and universities to offer both solidarity and support in these days when academic freedom is under attack, when women’s rights are under attack, when human rights are under attack.

Migration Institute of Finland & Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration ETMU ry