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Gwenaëlle Bauvois

Hi there! I’m Gwenaëlle Bauvois, university researcher at the Center for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN) at the Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki.

I’m French but I’ve lived in Finland for many years. I hold a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Eastern Finland (2007). My interests are in ethnic relations, nationalism, right-wing populism, post-truth, conspiracies and hybrid media.

I have been researching, for instance, post-truth public stories in Finland, France, and the United States. In my current projects, I look into 1) anti-immigration mobilisation in the wake of the 2015 “refugee crisis” in Finland and Sweden, 2) Post-Truth Politics and Nationalism, and 3) the Yellow Vests movement in Finland.

When I’m not in the dark corners of the web for my research, I’m enjoying the many silver screens of Helsinki, the seaside and the museums around the city.